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Jewish tours to Israel with Caesarea on trip itineraries

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Caesarea will be one of your visits during your Jewish heritage tour itinerary. It is one of Israel’s great antiquities, and a national park treasure of the Israeli people. Walking here is like traveling back in time. 

The port city was built by the Roman Empire and King Herod, with its name deriving from the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus.

Caesarea’s antiquities park is perhaps Israel’s most important national treasures, with archeological excavations and buildings from different eras, and Caesarea is witness to many battles in a long history of 2,300 years. At Cesarea your trip to Israel you'll find remains from the third century BC to the Crusader era in the 12th century, when Caesarea was a major port and for many years the capital of Judea. Caesarea was a gift to King Herod by Augustus Caesar and is named after Caesar. King Herod built a massive port alongside entertainment theaters, bath-houses and pagan temples. In the Byzantine era, Caesarea became an important center. 

Alongside all the ruins which include a beautiful Roman Theater, towers, castle and temple ruins, and a large hippodrome to race-horses you will find during your israel tour to Caesarea modern restaurants, cafes, and shops along beautiful sandy beaches and crystal blue waters to swim in for your pleasure during your visit to israel.

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