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Tiberias or Tverya is a common stop during your Jewish heritage trip, and popular amongst Israeli family vacations. Visitors can enjoy many activities, attractions, and tourist facilities that provide superb natural settings, history, contemporary attractions, relaxing vacations along with water sports of all kinds, great dining and shopping, and sites that are unique to Jews and tourist sites as well as popular with Christians who travel on their holy land tours.

Caesarea will be one of your visits during your Jewish heritage tour itinerary. It is one of Israel’s great antiquities, and a national park treasure of the Israeli people. Walking here is like traveling back in time. 

Before traveling to Israel on your Holy Land Tour it’s important to know local weather. Israel is privileged with long, warm and dry summers during the months of April to October, and in general mild winters from November to March, with little to nor rainfall, and cooler weather specially in the hill regions such as Jerusalem and Safed.

Israel welcomes you, all visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they are departing the country. In case of US citizens a valid US passport is all that is needed that will be valid six months from the date of departure.

A Jewish heritage travel tour to Israel is not complete unless you visit Jerusalem, known as the city chosen by God, the city where the Temple belongs, and the home to the holiest site in Judaism and one of the original walls that retained the Temple, the Western Wall. Experience your roots of your faith and visit the Tomb of King David, and stop at Yad Vashem memorial to the Holocaust.

Eilat is todays preferred beach destination and sunbathing holiday paradise of Israeli families and many Europeans. Eilat "lives by the rhythm of the sun,” located near majestic desert mountains, and the Red Sea. Eilat is highly recommended for a tour extension or pre-arrival destination when traveling on a Jewish heritage travel tour

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