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Israeli popular Red Sea beach destination on Israel trips and Jewish heritage tours

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Eilat is todays preferred beach destination and sunbathing holiday paradise of Israeli families and many Europeans. Eilat "lives by the rhythm of the sun,” located near majestic desert mountains, and the Red Sea. Eilat is highly recommended for a tour extension or pre-arrival destination when traveling on a Jewish heritage travel tour

The city of Eilat is relatively speaking a very new and established city in the year of 1950, yet it has been a significant area in history as a key port; starting in the era of King Solomon whom built a fleet of war ships, and continued to the Nabataeans, Romans, Arabs, and Crusaders, all of whom ruled these lands.

In the winter and colder months Eilat attracts visitors from Europe who enjoy a vacation in a warmer and more pleasant climate then their snow covered countries, while Israelis flock to the Red Sea and Eilat in the summer. The attraction of Eilat's charm is due to a special location in the northern end of the Bay. The combination of a hot climate, tropical turquoise sea, and gorgeous backgrounds of the mountains surrounding Eilat has made it into a Israel tourist oasis all the year round.

One of the popular activities in Eilat is the bay in the Red Sea which offers superb water sports, and world class diving in the incredible Coral Reserves that support an abundant tropical sea life in this area. Within the grounds of the reserve is the Underwater Observatory, with a museum that shows collections of beautiful sea animals. Nearby from the observatory is the Dolphin Reef with its resident school of dolphins, and a must see during your trip to Eilat.

While not all Jewish heritate tours and best classic tours of Israel offer Eilat within their itineraries, it’s a popular tour extension after a week of busy touring for relaxation and down time, as well as a main gateway for Israel tour excursions in to Petra Jordan. Eilat offers many delicious restaurants, trendy cafes, lively night clubs, tourist shops and a scenic promenade which has a colorful bazaar during the summer Israel vacation months. There are additional activities for the family, including an amusement park, a new “Kings City” (a high tech theme park based on the Bible). Eilat also has IMAX 3D theatre to enjoy movies.

Eilat is also know for its incredible local mountains landscape, and picturesque arid desert that provides many amazing areas and archaelogical and historical sites, that also make a great location for special jewish trips to Israel, that include camel treks, jeep off road tours, and hiking tours.

The many natural wonders and activities of this area, the warm picturesque beaches, crystal seas and sunny weather, make Eilat a choice vacation destination for travelers from all over the world whom want to "live by the rythm of the sun."

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